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New Facebook plan new feature 2020, about 2 million active daily users, 3 billion active monthly users, and 5 + billion people use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp every day, according to the social media platform behemoth itself. (And where Facebook goes… yeah, Instagram and WhatsApp will be affected too).


2019 was the year that featured Facebook Stories.

Lead Generation in Messenger

You can create advertisements that click through to Messenger App, opening up a brand-to-brand conversation. They’ll see a set of questions with either pre-filled answer options or free text for the form. You can integrate this feature with your CRM, and then continue to connect with eligible leads via the Page Inbox, Pages Manager App, or live chat providers from third parties. When people don’t finish what

A test case for you: RIFT TAX, a UK financial services firm, decided to expand its membership base in the Armed Forces. Using Lead Generation In Messenger, a very good 42 percent improved qualified leads. They were able to follow up in minutes and had a lead resolution rate of 18 per cent higher than telephone calls.

Consumers already love AI chatbots when routine problems need fast, easy answers or resolutions. Face book lead gen feature also allows for instant service.

24-Hour Standard Messaging Window 

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The Messenger Platform strategy of the Facebook is intended to “allow people and businesses to communicate effectively. In order to produce positive results.” Consumers demand a fast response, and better results are achieved by companies who accommodate. So they have a “24 + 1 Rule.” Basically, when a user opts into msg, the brand can send as many promotional or non-promotional msg as they want in the first 24 hours.

As a rule, as of January 5, 2020, they are phasing out. Brands will not be able to send messages outside the 24-hour window; however, they will be able to use Message Tags and Sponsored Messages (highly targeted messages clearly labeled as “Sponsored”) both outside the 24-hour window and make it easier to re-engage leads.

The takeaway from Face book, though, is to respond to your messages quickly!

Simplified Message Tags 

We stated that the Rule of 24 + 1 had changed. Adding to that, Face book simplifies the Msg Tags. For four specific reasons, you will be able to send 1:1 messages outside the 24 Hour window:

  1. Post-purchase update
  2. Event reminders
  3. Account updates
  4. Human-agent

The takeaway from Facebook, though, is to respond to your messages quickly!

Subscription Messaging Beta Update 

  • Facebook new feature 2020, We are updating this policy as we found some businesses were using the subscription messaging beta in ways that were not in line with our policy.
  • Us: This is why we can’t have anything nice.

Subscription Msg was intended to allow the delivery of non-promotional material to a business page on a recurring basis. Among other conditions, Facebook’s policy required that marketers not submit ads, promotional material, solicitations, etc., using data that they receive for any reason other than promoting the message or requesting payment information.

Only news organizations that successfully sign their pages via the Facebook News Page Index will request to use Subscription Messaging now because of too many violations of the policy. Will that change when beta testing is finished? We hope so, because we know that brands of conscience will follow the policies.

Discover Tab Phase-Out 

Changes to Facebook’s policies seek to improve the experience. To that end, they delete Msg’s Explore tab. This feature was intended to help people browse for nearby places & businesses too Msg. Instead, they are working on “better ways to help businesses connect” across Fb apps and Facebook ads that lead to the messenger.


This is one of the main Facebook updates for 2020: Calibra is a company that provides financial services through the Libra network, a global blockchain-based crypto-currency.

 Calibra will launch a digital wallet for Libra, available in Messenger And WhatsApp, and as a stand-alone app. 

The aim is to make financial services available to all. Worldwide, smartphones are available to 4 billion people, but half the world’s population lacks access to basic bank accounts. On the business side, this may help open up global e-commerce opportunities and make buying and selling processes more streamlined.

We do not expect this will impact most brands in 2020. but it’s a trend worth keeping your eye on.

New Navigation and Management Tools in Business Manager

More convenient, quicker. This is certainly the theme of the latest change to Facebook. To this end, a new Business Manager concept is being launched by the social network. This will make properties and permissions easier to manage across Facebook networks (e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram). There is also a shortcut tool which offers recommendations based on past activities, as well as a shortcut which takes you to r

Simplified Feed Formats 

Earlier in 2019, Facebook unveiled an updated design which highlighted privacy and a “lighter” feel for the social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). This has prompted an update to Mobile Page ads and posts. The primary text visible shall be reduced from seven to three lines. Users have to press to see more. Another change: videos and images will have full media height from an aspe

Simplified Feed Formats

Refined Targeting Options

The promotion of “Spray and Pray” is expensive and unsuccessful.

Note: Fb is also taking action against discriminatory advertising that threaten certain groups of companies, specifically housing, jobs and credit. Many companies were using advertising techniques to restrict their audiences unfairly. You must determine if you come under any of these classes.

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New Insights and eLearning Courses

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