The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course


Learn how to make an app and game for fun

Build App for your Business take this Course Now It’s Free Course For Any one Can Download the Course For Free the complete kotlin programming course very helpfull for a app developer.

the complete kotlin developer course download

Kotlin Developer course implemented

  • Build Your First Mobile App with Kotlin
  • Apply to jr. Android development jobs
  • Build real-world Android apps like Twitter, Facebook, My Notes, Find my phone, media-player, Calculator, find my age, find the sunrise time and Alarm
  • Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friends.
  • Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls)
  • Work with SQLite Database and SharedPreferences.
  • connect Android to PHP web services and MySQL database.
  • Work with user location and maps
  • Design amazing layout using Style, Color, Shape, Menu, and ConstraintLayout
  • Work with a camera and other hardware, like light sensor to run music when the light on and Accelerometer sensor
  • How to avoid reverse engineering (Reskin) for your app
  • Make an app that supports Supporting Different Screens, and different languages
  • Use system services like BroadcastReceive, Services, and Alarm
  • Understand the programming foundation logic, condition loop and Opp In Kotlin Programming
  • Use collections, And what is the better place to use collection


  • No previous programming experience is required! I will teach you what you need to know.
  • You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.


  • the Kotlin developer course We will discuss all kotlin programming fundamentals you can start programming.
  • the complete kotlin developer course We will start first by installing the development environment then
  • you will run your first Kotlin app, and understand how program flow works in Kotlin.
  • The complete kotlin developer course we will talk about variables and Math operation and priorities. Then we will take about logic and making decision, then we will talk about loops. Then we will talk about how to work with files.
  • In this course, we will learn all OOP concepts into the kotlin developer Course and we learn Some Functions, class, and fundamentals.
kotlin beginner free full course

other Courses:

  •  then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process in the same time. Then you will learn how to build apps and games in Android like pokemon and tic tac toy and work with restful web services and  JSON by build apps like get sunshine time.
  • Also, you will learn how to work with SQLite database to add, delete and update records, also you will learn how to use Firebase for online gaming and build social media app like twitter, and Learn how to build apps with sensors like run music when light is on and Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shaken, and more

Why We Require the Complete kotlin Developer Course?

  •  in the world many android developers is work on different language java, dart, react, nodejs and many more, day to day our smartphone technology is getting an upgrade they made our future

this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone looking to learn how to build Android Apps with Kotlin

Created by Hussein Al Rubaye
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