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Free Download Udemy The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course. With the assistance of this course you can Learn to make imaginative web applications with Ruby on Rails 4 and 5 and release your inventiveness..

The Complete Ruby On Rails Developer Course Download was made by Rob Percival, Mashrur Hossain and Codestars by Rob Percival. It was rated 4.3 out of 5 by approx 1331 ratings. There are approx 24175 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 29.5 hours on-demand video, 143 Articles, 8 Coding exercises, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What Will You Learn?

Figure out how to quickly model thoughts and transform them into adequate applications

Become an expert web application designer

Become an expert Ruby on Rails designer

Structure and manufacture for all intents and purposes any web application you can envision

Go after positions at programming organizations as Ruby on Rails engineer

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course gives an exhaustive prologue to Web Applications Development utilizing the uncontrollably famous Ruby on Rails system. With right around 30 hours of connecting with video talks and content line up addresses with headings, references and all the code utilized in the recordings, this course is intended to take understudies with no programming/web improvement experience to achieved Ruby on Rails engineers while being similarly as helpful for understudies who have experience coding in Rails and need to take their abilities to the following level or understudies who are doing the change to Ruby on Rails from different systems.

Why Ruby on Rails? Since its introduction, Ruby on Rails has rapidly become one of the most powerful and popular tools for building web applications for both startups and existing software houses. Some of the top sites using Ruby on Rails are Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, Yellow Pages and much more. Ruby on Rails developers command some of the highest salaries in the development world and are in high demand.

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The Complete Ruby On Rails Developer course takes a very structured approach of teaching Rails starting with Ruby – the programming language behind Rails. Everything from “Hello World” to Object-Oriented Programming is covered. Students acquire skills rapidly utilizing homework assignments, quizzes, coding exercises and free web based resources alongside the video lectures. The text lectures also provide reference material after each video, it’s like having multiple books in addition to the videos to guide students through the course.

At first all the code is done from scratch limiting the use of shortcuts and generators so students can understand what’s really going on under the hood of Rails applications and can design them the way they want. Then with solid knowledge and understanding already in place, rapid prototyping methods are introduced in later parts of the course, showing use of generators and scaffolding, finishing with a complete Software as a Service Application that can be used to launch a startup!

how to use ruby symbol ?

Symbol is the most basic Ruby object you can create. It’s just a name and an internal ID. Symbols are useful because a given symbol name refers to the same object throughout a Ruby program. … Two strings with the same contents are two different objects, but for any given name there is only one Symbol object.

Some key features of this course are:

– 230+ lectures and 29+ hours of video content

– Ruby programming from writing your first program to say “Hello World” to Object Oriented Programming while building multiple mini-projects along the way

– Rails 4 & 5 using cloud-based Integrated Development Environment so no setup necessary

– Git for version control, Github as code repository, Heroku for production deployment

– Working with Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for storage, Sendgrid for production email functionality, Multi-Tenancy using Milia

– Custom credit card form creation and working with Stripe API to implement payment processing functionality

– Rails MVC structure in-depth – Models, Views, Controllers

– FREE live support

– Design and conceptualization using wireframing tools

– Building authentication systems from scratch using default Rails stack, including admin feature, log in/logout and signup at first, then learning how to use Devise and then extend the basic functionality provided by Devise to customize it and speed up authentication systems

– Ajax, Jquery, Javascript – all 3 used in different parts of the course!

– Bootstrap  UI styling

Learning to build test suites by writing UnitFunctional and Integration tests

Created by Rob Percival, Mashrur Hossain, Codestars by Rob Percival

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  2. […] The Complete Ruby On Rails Developer Course Download […]

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