The Modern JavaScript Boot-camp Course (2020)

The most up-to-date JS resource online! Master Javascript by building a beautiful portfolio of projects!

The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2020)

The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2020)

What you’ll Learn Javascript Bootcamp Course.

  • Learn everything there is to know about Javascript – from scratch!
  • Build beautiful web apps to add to your portfolio
  • Get job-ready with a deep understanding of the internals of JavaScript
  • Working  Node JS and Express
  • Create an essay E-Commerce app with authentication
  • Automate testing your code by testing the framework!
  • Build Game by JavaScript
  • Understand how Javascript developers work on a day-to-day basis
  • Master the latest JS features like async and arrow functions


  • A Windows, macOS, or Linux-based computer is required


Always bet on Javascript!

For years, top recruiters in the industry have hired fresh engineers based solely on their knowledge of Javascript.  If you want to get a programming job, this is the language to learn! But learning Javascript is complicated!  There’s fancy syntax, weird design patterns, and a billion resources online that might be giving you wrong – or even be out of date – information.

We built The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp course to solve your problems.  This is the best and most up-to-date resource online for becoming a Javascript professional as quickly as possible. Every minute of this course has been created with one goal in mind: teaching you how to become a great engineer.

The Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) focuses on cutting through unnecessary information and giving you just the facts, plain and simple.  You won’t work with outdated frameworks, learn old styles of programming, or build boring apps.  Instead, you’ll only spend time writing practical code that can be used today and in the future on your own projects.  You’ll learn – from very early on in the course – how to write beautiful and reusable code that you’ll be proud to show to a future employer.

Two of Udemy’s greatest instructors – Colt Steele and Stephen Grider – collaborated to create this course.  Among us, we have instructed more than one million architects on how to program. Have confidence, you will gain from the best. We realize how testing it tends to be to comprehend another programming without any preparation, so we structured this course to offer you a bit by bit, ensured way to deal with turning into a Javascript ace.

Course Structure 

This course is partitioned into two sections. The principal half of the course centers around showing you the fundamental sentence structure of Javascript. Colt will walk you through center themes easily, bestowing gems of JS shrewdness en route. Remembered for the principal half of the course are many programming activities and little tasks, so you can test your recently discovered information out. Every one of these recordings can be effectively referenced, later on, so you can generally return and catch up on some point at whatever point required.

The second 50% of the course is centered around building some astonishing tasks. Stephen will tell you the best way to construct some creation prepared Javascript applications, including a completely highlighted E-Commerce web application! These undertakings are totally styled to be completely delightful, outwardly dazzling applications that you will be pleased to include in your very own portfolio. The primary objective of these activities is to feature configuration examples and show you the ‘right’ and ‘incorrect’ methods of composing code. Before the end, you’ll be sufficiently sure to take a shot at your very own undertakings with speed and artfulness.

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What You’ll Learn 

This is a long course, with just about every fact about Javascript you could ever hope to know.  Here’s a brief subset of the topics you’ll cover:

  • Master the basics of the language, easily understanding variables, objects, arrays, and functions
  • how to design the structure of the code you write, leading to beautiful and easy-to-read programs easily Understand
  • Leverage Javascript’s built-in methods to increase your productivity regardless of what libraries or frameworks you use
  • Develop practical skills around higher-order functions that you will utilize for years to come
  • Observe how the Javascript and browser work together, and how to increase the performance of JS code
  • Build awesome projects to fill your personal portfolio
  • Build command line tools from scratch using Node JS
  • Fetch and manage information from third-party API’s
  • Build a fully-featured E-Commerce application from scratch – including production-grade authentication!

This is the ultimate Javascript course.  There are many resources online for learning Javascript, but this is the one and only master JS Course and everything you need to know, from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, and a couple of letters after that.  Master the basics with Colt, then build awesome projects with Stephen. We’ve taught a million other engineers how to code, and now it is your turn!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to understand and master JavaScript

Created by Colt Steele, Stephen Grider
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