The New Facebook update: How the all-new design looks in 2020


In the Facebook history, there have been four major redesigns. The latest one, FBFive (FB5), otherwise known as The New Facebook Update, might be the most dramatic of them all. It is a total shift in how Facebook looks and works on desktop modes and mobile mode.

Facebook new update

Do not have a meltdown. It is been many years since a massive design change came to FB, so this news is both welcomed and much-needed, even if it is jarring. To help you navigate the change, we are breaking down what to expect.

What is The New Facebook?

At the F8 2019 conference, Facebook executives announced the social network plans to push out a massive design change called. New Facebook. It’s an interface update. that will place a bigger emphasis on Events and Groups- two of the biggest reasons people visit FB on a daily basis. This subsequently also means that the News Feed will be featured way less in The New Facebook Update.

Both the desktop Mode and mobile app will automatically receive the update, hopefully making Facebook easier to navigate while also modernizing it’s looking for the new decade. FB described it as a cleaner design, with more of an all-white look and even dark mode option Available.

When will The New Facebook arrive?

Facebook originally promised the re-design would begin immediately rolling out to Mobile and Desktop Users to follow later.

January 2020, a new update for desktop users is missing.  But, according to CNET, Facebook has finally begun giving some users Use a new look on the  Facebook web. FB it’s self has confirmed it plans to offer the update “more broadly” by spring 2020.

It’s already rolling out to mobile users. To get it, make sure you are running the latest version of the Facebook mobile app Users.

How does The New Facebook look and work?

White design

Visually, Facebook’s redesign is carried throughout the desktop and mobile User. It is a cleaner, brighter, more… contemporary FB. Here’s a look at CEO Mark Zuckerberg showing off the mostly-white design at the F8 2019 conference:

Facebook update in 2020

Dark mode

If you are not a fan of all the bright look, you will be happy to know that, because dark modes have become a huge trend in the past year, FB has decided to offer its own dark mode for web users in this update. (Go here to learn how to Set dark mode for Messenger.) 

Here’s a quick video from Facebook showing off the look:

The New Facebook update

News Feed and Groups

Perhaps the biggest change to FB is the News Feed. Facebook is doubling down on group communities and private interactions and has suggested we can expect a major disruption in how we get our content from Facebook in the future. So, Facebook Groups will now be prioritized more for you.

That does not mean the News Feed is dead. In fact, press imagery for the new Facebook update still shows a stream of status updates. 

Facebook said the Groups Tab has been overhauled to make finding new groups. that you might be interested in even easier. The feed for groups will also serve up recent activity within groups you are a member of and may even replace the News Feed as the default feed. You will also see more connections among groups and the Facebook features you use the most, such as Marketplace or Facebook Watch.

Other features

There will also be new features events and for specific communities, like Chat for Gaming Groups, as well as interaction improvements for Facebook Live and those who use it for buying and selling purposes.

How to get The New Facebook now

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to force the update.

But a “small percentage” of the Facebook desktop user is reportedly now getting a pop-up alert inviting them to help test The New Facebook Update.”

If you sign in to the Facebook site from your browser and receive this alert, you will need to consent to the trial. FB will then switch on the interface update and let you choose between a white background with bright icons or dark mode. Facebook is also reportedly offering you the option to switch back to the old Facebook design at any time to changes.

You’ll be able to provide feedback on the new look, as well.

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