The New Modern JavaScript Boot camp Course (2020)


The New Modern JavaScript Boot camp Course (2020)

The most up-to-date JS resource online! Master JavaScript by building a beautiful portfolio of projects!

The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course 2020

What you’ll learn

  • Learn everything there is to know about JavaScript – from scratch!
  • Build beautiful web apps to add to your portfolio
  • Get job-ready with a deep understanding of the internals of JS
  • Work with Node JS and Express
  • Create a full E-Commerce app complete with authentication
  • Automate testing your code by creating your own custom testing framework!
  • Build your own physics-based JavaScript game
  • Understand how Javascript developers work on a day-to-day basis
  • Master the latest JS features like async and arrow functions


  • A Windows, macOS, or Linux-based computer is required


Always bet on JavaScript!

For quite a long time, top enrollment specialists in industry have procured new designers dependent on their insight into Javascript. On the off chance that you need to find a programming line of work, this is the language to learn! Be that as it may, learning Javascript is confounded! There’s extravagant sentence structure, odd plan designs, and a billion assets online that may be giving you wrong – or even be obsolete – data.

We manufactured this course to tackle your issues. This is the best and most forward-thinking asset online for turning into a Javascript proficient as fast as would be prudent. Each moment of this course has been made considering one objective: showing you how to turn into an incredible specialist.

The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2020) centers around slicing through superfluous data and giving you simply the realities, easy. You won’t work with obsolete systems, learn old styles of programming, or assemble exhausting applications. you’ll only spend time writing practical code that can be used today and in the future on your own projects.  You’ll learn – from very early on in the course – how to write beautiful and reusable code that you’ll be proud to show to a future employer.

Two of Udemy’s greatest instructors – Colt Steele and Stephen Grider – collaborated to create this course. Between the two of us, we have taught over one million engineers how to program.  Rest assured, you will be learning from the best.  We know how challenging it can be to understand new programming from scratch, so we designed this course to offer you a step-by-step, guaranteed approach to becoming a Javascript master.

Course Structure

This course is partitioned into two sections. The main portion of the course centers around showing you the essential sentence structure of Javascript. Colt will walk you through center points easily, giving gems of JS astuteness en route. Remembered for the main portion of the course are many programming activities and little ventures, so you can test your newly discovered information out.

Every one of these recordings can be handily referenced, later on, so you can generally return and look over some subject at whatever point required.

The second 50% of the course is centered around building some stunning ventures. Stephen will tell you the best way to construct some creation prepared Javascript applications, including a completely highlighted E-Commerce web application! These undertakings are totally styled to be completely lovely, outwardly staggering applications that you will be pleased to highlight on your very own portfolio.

The fundamental objective of these undertakings is to feature configuration examples, and show you the ‘right’ and ‘incorrect’ methods for composing code. Before the end,  By the end, you’ll be confident enough to work on your own personal projects with speed and finesse.

What You’ll Learn

This is JavaScript Bootcamp Course (2020), with pretty much every reality about Javascript you would ever want to know. Here’s a short subset of the points you’ll cover:

  • Master the essentials of the language, effectively getting factors, items, clusters, and capacities
  • Understand how to plan the structure of the code you compose, prompting lovely and simple-to-understand programs
  • Leverage Javascript’s worked in techniques to build your efficiency paying little heed to what libraries or systems you use
  • Develop down to earth abilities around higher-request works that you will use for a considerable length of time to come
  • Observe how the Javascript and program cooperate, and how to expand the presentation of JS code
  • Build magnificent activities to fill your own portfolio
  • Build order line instruments without any preparation utilizing Node JS
  • Fetch and oversee data from outsider API’s
  • Build a completely highlighted E-Commerce application without any preparation – including creation grade validation!

This is the ultimate Javascript course.  There are many resources online for learning Javascript, but this is the only one that covers everything you need to know, from A to Z and two or three letters after that. Ace the essentials with Colt, at that point manufacture marvelous activities with Stephen. We’ve shown a million different architects how to code, and now the ball is in your court!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to understand and master Javascript

Created by Colt Steele, Stephen Grider
updated 122019
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